What to do if you suspect an offence

What to do if you suspect an offence:


  • Must meet with the student
  • Raise your concerns and listen to any explanations offered
  • If the student admits to having committed an offence make note of this
  • No need for a signed admission
  • Prepare a written report
  • Include the original documents indicating the offence, highlighting particular passages of concern if applicable
  • Include course outline
  • Chair will review the case and may forward to the Dean’s Office as appropriate
  • You may be asked for more information
  • You may be asked to attend a meeting with the student and the Dean’s Designate for academic integrity

Preparing an Academic Case File (instructors)

  • Work with your undergraduate advisor (UA)
  • Immediately prepare a GWR (Grade withheld pending Review) form. Your UA can assist you with the form
  • An instructor CANNOT impose a sanction or penalty
  • The Departmental Chair may handle the alleged offence if the assignment is worth 10% or less but only if it is a 1st offence and the student admits to the offence
  • Should the case file be forwarded to the Dean’s Office for resolution, you can contact the Office of the Dean for assistance


  • Talk to your instructor/T.A
  • Remember that academic offences undermine the integrity of everyone’s degree
  • Maintain academic integrity and the University’s standards of excellence

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