What to do if you suspect an offence

What to do if you suspect an offence:


  • Must advise the student about their concerns (via email is fine), and then meet with the student.
  • In the student meeting, raise your concerns and listen to any explanations offered by the student.
  • If the student admits to having committed an offence, make note of this.
  • There is no need for the student to provide a signed admission to the offence.
  • An instructor cannot impose a sanction or penalty on the student. This is the responsibility of the Chair or Dean, or University Tribunal in serious cases.
  • Prepare a brief written report about the alleged offence and the meeting with the student.
  • Prepare a package regarding the alleged offence, including the original documents indicating the offence, highlighting particular passages of concern if applicable; also include the course outline/syllabus.  Forward your report and package to your Chair (or Dean in a single-department Faculty). The Chair will review the case and may forward to the Dean’s Office as appropriate.
  • Work with your registrar or teaching & learning Vice/Associate Dean to immediately prepare a GWR (Grade withheld pending Review) form for this student. This designation on the student’s academic record prevents the student from graduating unless they have addressed the offence, and prevents the student from dropping the course, which is not permitted in courses in which a student is alleged to have committed an offence.


  • If you suspect a fellow student of committing an academic offence, talk to your instructor/T.A privately. You may also always email academic.integrity@utoronto.ca for advice or to relay concerns.
  • Remember that academic offences undermine the integrity of everyone’s degree.

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