Group work

Required group work in a course

When an instructor tells you that an assignment should be completed in a group, ask your instructor if you have questions about the expected contributions from each team member, and whether students are allowed to submit the same final assignment.  If anything remains unclear, be sure to ask! In general, each student is responsible for work that is submitted by their group. It’s a good idea to make sure you know what all members of your group are submitting, and how they worked on their portion of the assignment. 

Informal study groups (not required by the instructor)

Students are encouraged to study in groups or work with peers in order to improve their team skills, knowledge, and study methods. However, the free sharing of work without author acknowledgement can create the risk of students providing or receiving unauthorized aid, and the risk of honest work falling into the wrong hands.

All students studying in groups should be careful to safeguard their own work, to avoid sharing copies of finished work or previous assignments, and to be cautious about transmitting electronic copies of their work to other students.  It’s in everyone’s best interest to avoid any possible allegations of academic misconduct and inappropriate assistance to other students.