Writing help and academic integrity

The academic community has its own practices and standards for writing and research that are often quite different from those students have encountered elsewhere. Knowledge of these practices is essential in complying with the University’s standards for academic integrity. Awareness of academic practices, including the standards around attribution, citation, plagiarism, academic dishonesty and copyright infringement are all part of information literacy, as is the ability to use strategies, tools and technology to find, evaluate, and create relevant and accurate information.

Students need to be familiar with the various types of information resources and their value in order to use them ethically. Awareness of citation management tools is also helpful in achieving citation standards for academic writing. Information literate students will be able to use and apply information ethically, mindful of copyright and intellectual property considerations, and be able to integrate research into their own writing through references and citations in a manner that meets the University’s standards for academic integrity.

If you could do with some individualized help with your writing, consider visiting one of the many Writing Centres across U of T’s three campuses— it’s free.