All invigilators in tests and exams should be aware of examination room procedures and be vigilant for questionable behaviour (e.g. the moving of desks, extra papers, reaching into pockets, whispering or speaking to others) and unauthorized aids (e.g. extra notes or study sheets, papers tucked into pencil or calculator cases, and cell phones and electronic devices), and examine washroom facilities carefully for unauthorized material. To the best of their ability, invigilators are responsible for maintaining the integrity of the examination and providing a quiet environment for students who are writing. Invigilators should remain alert and circulate regularly through the room. Should a problem arise, invigilators should follow Faculty policies on documenting what has been observed.

If students are unclear about procedures during exams (e.g. which aids are allowed, using the washroom, etc.) they may ask questions of the test/exam invigilators.

For information about online proctoring for online exams, please consult this resource.

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