Writing tests or exams in person or online

Students taking exams in person should come prepared to the exam location with extra pens and pencils, and a watch to monitor time. Read the exam cover carefully for any instructions about aids you can use during the exam. “No Aids” means nothing other than writing supplies is allowed to be used or even present on your desk or on your person. Any other items such as cell phones, notes, study sheets, dictionaries, calculators, or other electronic devices will be considered unauthorized aids; having an unauthorized aid during an exam is considered an offence under the Code of Behaviour. Empty all pockets before beginning the exam, to check for phones or study notes that you may have had with you just prior to the exam. If your instructor allows you to use a study sheet, be sure to verify the formatting of the sheet before you attend the exam, such as what font size is allowed, and whether double-sided pages are permitted.

Students should be sure to listen carefully to all announcements made at the exam centre. When the end of time for writing the exam is called, you must put down your pen and stop writing immediately. Invigilators can help should a problem arise during the exam. If at any time during the exam a student feels ill, needs aid, or observes any suspicious behaviour, they should raise their hand to alert an invigilator.

If your test or exam is going to be held online, be sure to follow the exact instructions for the exam, as explained on the exam paper or before the exam by your instructor. Unless you are explicitly told that outside materials can be used when writing the exam, you should assume that no outside material can or should be used when writing the exam online. This means absolutely no looking up material online, no referencing your course materials, no texts to your classmates, and certainly no help from an outside tutor. Students have been charged with academic offences for using unauthorized aids during online exams, and instructors are always on the lookout for similarities between your answers and those of others or materials online.  Did you know that many instructors also create multiple versions of exams to deter cheating?

If you have any questions at all about whether any outside material or help is allowed on an exam, always ask your instructor right away. If you are not clear, do not assume you can use outside material on the test— clear up any confusion right away by asking your instructor.

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